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What is mediterranean home design

What is Mediterranean Home Design: Aesthetic Charm and Timeless Elegance

Searching for "What is Mediterranean home design" will lead you to a treasure trove of information about this captivating architectural style. Mediterranean home design draws inspiration from the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, including Greece, Spain, Italy, and Morocco. This style exudes warmth, relaxation, and a touch of exoticism, making it a popular choice among homeowners seeking a unique and inviting living space.

Positive Aspects of Mediterranean Home Design:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal:

    Mediterranean home design is renowned for its timeless beauty, which combines rustic elements with vibrant colors and intricate details. With its arched windows, stucco walls, and terracotta roofs, this style creates a visually stunning and distinct look.

  2. Outdoor Living Spaces:

    One of the standout features of Mediterranean home design is its emphasis on outdoor living. Patios, courtyards, and balconies are essential components, allowing homeowners to enjoy the pleasant climate and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

  3. Natural Materials:

    The use of natural materials is a key characteristic of Mediterranean home design. Elements such as stone, wood, and wrought iron are prominently featured, enhancing the authenticity and organic feel

How to Remodel a Mediterranean House into a Modern Oasis

Discover the step-by-step guide on how to transform your traditional Mediterranean house into a contemporary haven. Learn the key elements and design tips to achieve a modernized home that exudes elegance and functionality.

Are you looking to infuse a touch of modernity into your Mediterranean-style home? With the right approach and design choices, you can effortlessly transform your traditional house into a stylish modern oasis. In this article, we will walk you through the essential steps and key elements required to remodel your Mediterranean house into a modern masterpiece.

Step 1: Embrace Minimalism

To achieve a modern look, it's crucial to embrace minimalism. Simplify your living space by decluttering and removing excessive decorations. Focus on clean lines and open spaces, creating a sense of airiness and serenity.

Step 2: Update Color Palette

Transitioning from a Mediterranean aesthetic to a modern one involves a shift in color palette. Opt for neutral shades like whites, grays, and beiges as the base. Introduce pops of bold colors through accent pieces, such as vibrant artwork or statement furniture.

Step 3: Rethink Flooring

Modernize your floors by replacing

How to remodel a mediterranean house into a modern house

Transforming a Mediterranean House into a Modern Gem: A Comprehensive Guide

Remodeling a Mediterranean house into a modern masterpiece can breathe new life into your home, adding contemporary aesthetics and functionality. This expert guide aims to provide you with the necessary insights and inspiration to undertake this transformation. By combining timeless Mediterranean elements with sleek modern design, you can create a harmonious and inviting space that reflects your personal style. Join us as we explore the key considerations and steps involved in remodeling a Mediterranean house into a modern haven.

  1. Assessing the Existing Structure:

    Before embarking on any remodeling project, it is crucial to thoroughly assess the existing structure. Evaluate the architectural elements, such as arches, columns, and terracotta roofs, that define Mediterranean homes. Determine which features can be preserved or enhanced, and which ones need to be modified or replaced to achieve a modern aesthetic.

  2. Simplifying the Exterior:

    To transition a Mediterranean house into a modern home, simplification is key. Opt for a clean and minimalist exterior by removing excessive ornamentation and intricate details. Update the color scheme to incorporate neutral tones or bold contrasts, such as white, grey, or black. Consider replacing traditional terracotta tiles with sleek, flat roofing materials to achieve a contemporary look

What is the concept of Mediterranean architecture?

It is a highly eclectic style, drawing simultaneously from several Spanish and Italian influences to capture the aesthetic of a coastal villa or palace on the Mediterranean. The style generally includes a low-pitched, red-tiled roof, white stucco façade, and highly symmetrical design.

What are the colors for Mediterranean interior design?

The blues of the sea, rich earthly terracotta and browns, leafy green, sunshine yellow, and metallics in copper and gold. You will want to maximize natural light to create an open and airy, breezy interior space. Mediterranean colors get their gorgeous inspiration from a natural earthy and neutral palette.

Why do people like Mediterranean houses?

Mediterranean homes are unique in their exterior appearance. The stucco walls add a textured look that are painted in warm colors such as terracotta, beige or cream. The remarkable red tiled roof adds timelessness and warmth to the home.

What is the difference between Mediterranean and Spanish style homes?

Spanish homes — with stucco walls, tile roofs and bright tiles — are complemented by organic reds and greens. Mediterranean homes, influenced by Spain and other south European countries, boast plaster walls, balconies and fountains, which shine next to earthy reds and browns, mid-tone blue-greens, and dark grays.

How to update a Mediterranean style home?

Our kitchen renovation plans:
  1. Sand, prime and paint the kitchen cabinets an off white neutral with a warm undertone.
  2. Update cabinet hardware.
  3. Install new faucets.
  4. Update lighting.
  5. Remove ornate sconces from the island.
  6. Paint kitchen island (have not decided on a color yet)
  7. Remove granite and replace with quartz counters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key feature in Mediterranean style room?

Arches. The arch is a signature shape in Mediterranean-style homes, often found over main entryways. You can also find arched windows, arched doors and door frames, and arched interior throughways in Mediterranean homes. Arches may be simple and white or ornate with patterned tiles or mosaic glass.

How do you make a Mediterranean house look modern?

Mix up modern with traditional in all design elements and accessories: Organic, natural, and earth-inspired tones, materials, and art are big game changers. Update light fixtures: adjust the temperature of your light bulbs to a brighter & cooler tone.

What is modern Mediterranean house style?

- Modern Mediterranean: The style has traditional characteristics of Mediterranean homes with a modern twist. A focus on indoor-outdoor living, spacious, open floor plans, along with Spanish and Italian influences, are evident in these homes.


What style goes with Mediterranean?

Mediterranean Style Can Be Ornate

Embrace Mediterranean's maximalist side with embroidered fabrics, beautifully carved wood furniture or elaborate metalwork. Layer pillows and rugs, look for opulent antique or handmade accessories with filigree, and bring in Old World-inspired light fixtures.

How can I make my house look Mediterranean?

Generally, homes in the style are airy and light, and they put a large emphasis on indoor-outdoor living spaces. “Some of the characteristics that evoke Mediterranean style include terra-cotta tile roofs, arched doorways, decorative ironwork and painting, carved wood, and natural stone,” Andrews says.

How can I make my plain ranch house look better?
How to update the exterior of a ranch-style house.
  1. 1) Add differing heights in landscaping.
  2. 2) Draw attention to the front door.
  3. 3) Add a porch or patio area to the front of the home.
  4. 4) Horizontal lines in fencing and house trim.
  5. 5) Open interiors by removing walls.
  6. 6) Lift your ceiling to the roofline.

What is mediterranean home design

How do I make my exterior look Mediterranean?

The exterior of Mediterranean homes typically feature a red-tiled roof (usually terra cotta), as well as brick or stucco that's often painted white. Stone details, carved doors, and raw iron and metalwork on windows, over balconies, and front doors are other common features.

How do you update a small ranch-style home? Create Larger Windows

To return your home to ranch-style authenticity, replace those small windows with more expansive ones, preferably sliders or casement styles. Modern glazing options with double- and triple-insulated glass will make these windows much more energy-efficient than the older, smaller windows.

What are the colors for Mediterranean style?

Mediterranean hues span the color wheel, but they pull their inspiration from nature. Grounded in warm, earthy tones such as terra cotta, ochre, burnt umber and chestnut, the style also pulls in shades echoing the sea and sky: cerulean, azure, deep purple and seafoam green.

  • How can I make my old house look more modern?
    • Buying an Older Home? Get Started Here!
      1. Update Outlets, Light Switches and Plates. This has made a significant difference in all four of our older homes.
      2. Repair Walls.
      3. Add Light.
      4. Paint.
      5. Remove Dated Fixtures.
      6. New Doors.
      7. Refinish Hardwoods.
  • What are the characteristics of a modern Mediterranean house?
    • Generally, homes in the style are airy and light, and they put a large emphasis on indoor-outdoor living spaces. “Some of the characteristics that evoke Mediterranean style include terra-cotta tile roofs, arched doorways, decorative ironwork and painting, carved wood, and natural stone,” Andrews says.

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