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Where is renovation island

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Where is Renovation Island? Discover the Ultimate Escape for Home Renovation Seekers

  1. Overview of Renovation Island:
  • Renovation Island is a captivating television series that follows the journey of Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, a couple who left their comfortable lives to transform a dilapidated resort on a tropical island.
  • The show provides an immersive experience, showcasing the challenges, triumphs, and stunning transformations as the Baeumlers turn a rundown property into a luxurious beachfront paradise.
  1. Positive Aspects of Renovation Island:
  • Inspiring Storyline: Renovation Island offers a refreshing storyline that combines adventure, renovation, and entrepreneurship, inspiring viewers to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles.
  • Beautiful Location: Filmed on the picturesque island of South Andros in the Bahamas, the show transports viewers to a tropical paradise, offering a visual escape from everyday life.
  • Expert Renovation Tips: Renovation Island
Title: Renovation Island Where Dreams Come True: Unveiling the Perfect Destination for Your Home Transformation Meta-description: Discover the ultimate renovation island where dreams become reality, offering a breathtaking location in the US for your home transformation. Explore the possibilities today! Introduction Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to a renovation island where all your home improvement dreams will be transformed into reality? Look no further! In the US, there is a hidden gem that offers the perfect destination for your renovation projects. Let's delve into the wonders of this renovation island and explore the endless possibilities it holds. Renovation Island Where Dreams Begin 1. The Allure of the Perfect Location Nestled amidst the serene beauty of the US, this renovation island boasts breathtaking landscapes, picturesque views, and a tranquil atmosphere that will inspire your creativity. Whether you envision a coastal retreat or a rustic countryside haven, this island provides an idyllic backdrop for your home transformation. 2. A Paradise for Renovation Enthusiasts Are you a renovation enthusiast seeking inspiration and innovation? Look no further! Renovation Island offers a plethora of resources and ideas to help you kickstart your dream project. From stunning architecture and design concepts to eco-friendly and sustainable practices, this island has it all.

where is renovation island at

Title: Where is Renovation Island Located in the United States? A Comprehensive Review Introduction: Renovation Island, a popular home renovation TV show, has captivated audiences around the world with its stunning transformations. However, many viewers are left wondering where exactly Renovation Island is located in the United States. In this expert review, we will explore the region in the United States where Renovation Island is situated, providing informative and easy-to-understand details for curious fans. Renovation Island's Location in the United States: Renovation Island, also known as "Caerula Mar Club," is situated in the breathtaking region of Andros Island, which is part of the Bahamas. While Andros Island is not located within the United States territory, it is conveniently accessible for U.S. residents who wish to visit this stunning destination. Andros Island is the largest of the Bahamian islands and is renowned for its natural beauty, pristine beaches, and diverse marine life. The island is situated in the western part of the Bahamas, approximately 180 miles southeast of Miami, Florida. This proximity to the United States makes it easily accessible for travelers from the region. Andros Island's Natural Wonders and Attractions: Beyond its association with the Renovation Island TV show, Andros

where is renovation island hgtv

Hey there, fellow home renovation enthusiasts! Are you eagerly searching for the whereabouts of the much-talked-about show, "Renovation Island" on HGTV? Well, fear not, because I've got all the juicy details for you right here! So grab a cup of coffee, get cozy, and let's dive in! If you're wondering, "Where is 'Renovation Island' on HGTV?" I'm thrilled to inform you that this captivating show takes place on the stunning island of South Andros in The Bahamas. Can you imagine a more idyllic backdrop for a renovation adventure? I certainly can't! Now, let me paint a picture for you. The show revolves around the inspiring story of Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, a power couple who've decided to take on the ambitious task of transforming an abandoned resort into a luxurious paradise. With their incredible vision and unwavering determination, they're turning this rundown place into a dream destination. But wait, there's more! Alongside the captivating renovation journey, "Renovation Island" also showcases the Baeumler family's personal experiences as they adapt to island life. From dealing with unexpected challenges to embracing the vibrant local culture, their journey is as heartwarming as it is entertaining.

Can you actually stay at Renovation Island?

Now that the show has wrapped, you may be wondering whether these cabins are actually up for rent. The answer is, yes! If you're interested in staying at one of the four completed cabins, read on for all you need to know about booking and staying at one this summer.

Will Renovation Island be back in 2023?

Season 4 and season 5 were greenlit for fall 2022 and fall 2023, with eight hour-long episodes per season. The seasons will cover further Bahamas resort stuff, and renovations to their Florida taxiway house.

What is Bryan Baeumler doing now?

HGTV Canada posted on June 1 that a new show featuring Bryan is currently in the works: "We are now casting for a brand-new series where Bryan Baeumler travels off-the-beaten-path to help people who have left their old lives behind to start a unique business in a rural or remote location.

What resort did Scott McGillivray buy?

Lakeside resort

Scott McGillivray's properties as seen on TV

In this competition-style series, Scott McGillivray and Bryan Baeumler from the Island of Bryan join forces to transform Scott's recently purchased lakeside resort from a forgotten fishing village into luxurious and unique vacation rental cabins.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to stay at the island of bryan?

However, adults and children 12 and over can grab a clubhouse room from $425-$555 USD per night during the low season (May to mid-November), $535-$690 per night during the high season (mid-November to the end of April), and $645-$830 per night during the holiday season (two weeks at Christmas).

Where is the Isle of Bryan resort?

Bryan Baeumler is a contractor and his wife Sarah is a designer. Together, along with their four children, the couple moved to San Andros Island in the Bahamas to totally transform a relatively dilapidated 10-acre building into a stunning Caribbean resort.

Do the Baeumlers still own Caerula Mar Club?

As of July 2023, they still own the club, according to the website. Bryan and his wife Sarah gush how they "fell in love" with the property, which they describe as "combining simplicity with splendor, our hideaway personifies the spirit of barefoot luxury."


How much did Bryan Baeumler pay for renovation island?

A family vacation to the Bahamas turned into so much more when Bryan and Sarah took an enormous leap of faith and decided to spend $2 million on purchasing an abandoned resort located in San Andros, Bahamas.

Where can I watch HGTV Renovation Island?

How to Watch Renovation Island. Right now you can watch Renovation Island on Discovery+ or fuboTV. You are able to stream Renovation Island by renting or purchasing on iTunes, Vudu, Amazon, and Google Play.

Where is the HGTV Renovation Resort located?

Campbellford, Ontario

The cabins that the teams from Renovation Resort made over are located in Campbellford, Ontario. The town is roughly halfway between Toronto and Ottawa, where the Trent Canal is a main attraction. Together with Hastings and Warkworth, the towns comprise the Municipality of Trent Hills.

Where is renovation island

Is Renovation Island a real place?

Renovation Island is a natural island located on South Andros Island in the Bahamas.

Can you visit Renovation Island?

As enticing as Renovation Island is to watch, though, fans can't help but wonder how much it costs to stay at Caerula Mar Club, the now-famous resort, which features clubhouse suites and private oceanfront villas. Because, yes, it's open to the public. This content is imported from instagram.

How much did Bryan Baeumler pay for Renovation Island?

A family vacation to the Bahamas turned into so much more when Bryan and Sarah took an enormous leap of faith and decided to spend $2 million on purchasing an abandoned resort located in San Andros, Bahamas.

  • Where is Bryan's island?
    • Production. In 2017, the Baeumlers vacationed on South Andros in the Bahamas. They found the abandoned resort Emerald Palms, the original half-century old 18-room hotel and clubhouse; plus 22 villas, spa and beach bar added later, on a 10 acres (4.0 hectares) property; that had been renovated a few times since.

  • Where is the resort located from Renovation Island?
    • South Andros

      Caerula Mar Club sits on ten secluded acres of oceanfront property along the eastern shore of South Andros in the Bahamas.

  • How do you get to South Andros Island?
    • Getting To South Andros Island. We recommend flying from Nassau, Bahamas or Ft. Lauderdale, Florida into Congo Town International Airport (TZN or COX). This is the ONLY airport on South Andros Island.

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